In the Talmud, the rabbis debated, “Which is greater — Study or Action?”

Rabbi Akiva said, and the sages agreed: “Study, if it leads to Action.” (Babylonian Talmud Kiddushin 40b.)

At JAA, we consider learning to be vitally important in our efforts to affect positive change in the world.  We seek to raise awareness, knowledge and understanding of development issues amongst Australian  Jews. Through education we aspire to influence the behaviours and choices of individuals and organisations across all sectors of the Jewish community.

Our education services include:

Youth Programs

  • Schools – A range of innovative and inspiring experiential programs run in Jewish schools.
  • Stand Up – A fun 6 week program for bnei mitzvah aged students, dealing with themes of responsibility, poverty, fairtrade, small actions = big change, and a cross cultural experience.

Community Engagement

  • Tikkun Forums – Putting controversial social justice issues on the agenda of the Jewish community through regular forums.
  • Speaker Service – Articulate and dynamic guest speakers on a range of topics.
  • Resources – JAA has built a library of books, dvds and education programs which we gladly share with you.
  • The Well – The first online periodical in Australia devoted to Jewish voices for social justice

For more information, please contact:

Education Team (Melbourne)

Janet Granek (Sydney)


“It was remarkable to witness the sessions that you and your JAA team were able to come and facilitate at Bialik College. In a climate that makes conveying relevant knowledge particularly difficult – to see the students not only engaged, but inspired and motivated to participate in the sessions was just incredible.” –
Michael Schnall, Director of Informal education at Bialik College.