Tikkun Forums

In the past, JAA has hosted public forums throughout the year which grapple with challenging and contemporary issues.

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Past Tikkun Forums include:

Standing Up Against Injustice – Several prominent human rights activists talking about their experiences combatting injustice and protecting human rights. Panelists: Kon Karapangiotidis, Hariz Halilovich, Caroline Lambert. Moderator: Mark Baker

Everyone’s a Little bit Racist Sometimes – How can we tackle racist elements in our society? Panelists: Mohammed Elleissy, Amit Menghani, Sunshine Kamaloni, Jessica Taft. Moderator: Helen Szoke

Being Australian – Exploring the role of Jewish Australians in the reconciliation movement. What has been, and still can be done to help heal the wounds of the past.  Panelists: Melissa Castan, Richard Frankland, Howard Goldenberg, Kevin Russel. Moderator: Philip Mendes.

RefugeesThen and Now – What does it mean to be a refugee? What can we as a community be doing to assist those who have recently arrived in Australia.  Panelists: Alpha Lisimba, Paul Bartrop, Moshe Fiszman, Melanie Landau. Moderator: Lisa Buchner.

There is no such thing as Ethical Travel – A debate about whether we can travel the world in an ethical way.  Panelists: Tom Tracker, Judi Cooper, Craig Thorburn, Jane Crouch. Moderator: Danny Almagor