Ethical Bnei Mitzvah Tips

Tips to have an ethical Bar/Bat Mitzvah

  1. Donate your decorations to Our Big Kitchen (in Sydney) or the Gemach (in Melbourne) after your function, so they can be re-used and accessed by other families.  Re- using “stuff” is brilliant in many ways. It reduces waste and landfill, it helps others who can’t afford to purchase new products and it minimizes the impact we make when buying products (ie. Less fuel emissions when transporting things from one place to another, not supporting the manufacturing of more stuff which3044078e4fd6cfea4e7b0040d87c7bc3-super-bar-mitzvah is often created in factories where workers are not treated humanely, and so on). There are many reasons to share!
  2. Call Oz Harvest or Fare Share to come and collect left overs.
  3. Go without” something special/decorative, and allocate that expense to an NGO instead (example chair covers).
  4. Have fair trade kippot for your guests – our favourite are the South African soda can ones! What fun! Check them out here.
  5. Ask your caterer to use fairtrade chocolate and coffee, and free range eggs, and local produce. Create a little sign for the tables to show your guests that you’ve chosen to use these ingredients and explain why. Standing Up is all about teaching others too, and creating a shift in culture.
  6. Start your celebration with an acknowledgement to county. Find out which elders you need to pay respect to on this link.
  7. Create place cards for your guests with a tiny bit of information about a cause you are passionate about. (Eg. Facts about Indigenous Recognition in the Australian Constitution, facts about the amount of food waste in Australia, etc.)
  8. Include a topic about social justice and what you want to Stand Up for in your bar or bat mitzvah speech.
  9. Ask your guests to donate to a chosen charity, like JAA, in lieu of gifts.