iCan goes to the circus

This year we launched the iCan program to provide Sudanese students in Years 11 and 12 with one on one mentoring and tutoring on a weekly basis. We aimed to inspire, empower and educate these students and assist them in achieving their goals.

This year iCan had 5 Sudanese youth, coming from Flemington and Hampton Park, in years 11 and 12 selected to attend tutoring in subjects including English and maths. Each fortnight students met with their mentors at their local library. Matched with a specific student, mentors worked to support and encourage them through the VCE journey, providing guidance and assistance with homework, organisation and planning, and study skills. As uni students, mentors proved to be ideal role models, offering support, not only with schoolwork but with life in general, discussing issues including how to get your Learners and applying for a part-time job.

Students from iCan 2013 had a fantastic year, attending the Age Careers Expo, university open days and a study skills workshop. An excited parent summed it up with being so grateful for his son now “having more knowledge”. One student received full marks for her maths sac and another student commented that she was very happy with her mentor, that she is “easy to talk to, explains clearly and can help with anything…”


What better way to celebrate the year and launch the new one than at circus school at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Prahran.

All participants and mentors enjoyed a 2-hour class where they challenged themselves way beyond their comfort zone in trapeze and juggling, and forming a pyramid to finish up. This was a perfect way to introduce the start of the new year, when 13 students from years 10 to 12 will participate in the new intake of iCan.

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