Introducing Janet Granek

Sydney Education Coordinator

What is your role at JAA?

I will be formalizing the educational programs on offer in Sydney, in order to reach out to the Jewish community and assist them with connecting to the important values of Tzedek and Chessed.

Our educational programs are mainly aimed at school-aged students (in particular our fabulous Stand Up program for the Bar and Bat Mitzvah age group).  However there is important work to be done amongst the young adult and general community too, to ensure we can all be socially aware and active with a Jewish soul.

Why did you get involved with JAA?

I hope to soon create a team of volunteers with an informal education background, who can assist me in this important role.

I have been involved in the Progressive Jewish community for the past 12 years, initially as a Netzer leader, and then later through my employment at North Shore Temple Emanuel. I have loved working and growing in the Jewish community and am passionate about helping people connect to the richness that our religion presents.

For the past seven years I have worked with all aged children, young adults and young families. I adore creating a spark that translates into a deeper understanding, an extended conversation or ultimately some sort of thoughtful Jewish practice.

JAA is a wonderful treat for me. I have always respected and admired what the organization does and am thrilled to be part of its growth in Sydney.

I believe it is a perfect pathway for young people in particular to connect with their Judaism and an opportunity too for our community to share our time, skills and wealth for the betterment of others in need.

I am proud to be telling people about where I work and what I will be doing!

What is your vision for Sydney education dept?

There is such a wonderful array of programs that have taken place in Melbourne and the success is astounding.

I hope to start meeting schools, youth movements, and Jewish community groups to work out in collaboration with them how we can create a meaningful and achievable program in Sydney.

I would love to see hundreds of Sydney’s bar and bat mitzvah aged students attend the Stand Up program in the next few years, and as a result be inspired to take on the responsibility (as they come of age) to be a “Change-maker”.

I would love to see students at Jewish day schools use their talents, sound education and nurtured upbringing for the betterment of our Jewish community and to support the development of many in our wider society too.

I look forward to partnering with other organisations to find ways to bring the expression Tikkun Olam into life at many of the events that are on offer in Sydney.

What is your favorite “Jewish” food?

Challah – preferably home made and still warm!