The Isaiah Fellowship

The Isaiah Fellowship

The Isaiah Fellowship Prospectus

A yearlong leadership and social entrepreneurship course for Jewish changemakers. 

Offered to twelve of the brightest, young adult changemakers in the Melbourne Jewish community (Ages: 22-32), the Isaiah Fellowship will be a platform for nurturing a new generation of effective Australian Jewish leaders in the social justice and social innovation spheres. The Fellowship will follow a trajectory of three foundational pillars: JUSTICE, INNOVATION and LEADERSHIP. The why, how and who of social change.

Through an immersive group journey, Isaiah Fellows will be granted access to preeminent leaders in the fields of justice, activism, innovation, business, academia, thought, technology, religion, politics and community. The Fellowship aims to propel Fellows along a life-course in pursuit of positive social change, while fusing that life with a proud and activated Jewish identity, hinged upon Jewish values of tzedakah (equity), chessed (kindness), tzedek (justice) and rachamim (compassion).

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To learn more about The Isaiah Fellowship, read the prospectus here.

For information not contained in the prospectus, please contact Elise Teperman or 0439 982 252

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Applications for Isaiah 2014 are now closed.

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