JAA at Moriah

On 21st September the JAA education team ran a full day of programming for 140 Year 6 students from Moriah and Mt Sinai in sunny Sydney. The theme of the day was ‘Ethical Bnei Mitzvah’ where students explored what it means to be an ethically responsible Jewish adult in a global community. We discussed some of the ‘Modern Plagues’ of the 21st century together with themes of tzeddek (justice) and tzedakka(equitable charity).

The wisdom and maturity of the students brought forth incredible ideas on how to make bar/bat mitzvah parties more ethical and indeed how to transform the bar/bat mitzvah year into one of increased responsibility to those around us. And importantly – we had an absolute ball!

Thanks to Nomi Blum, Gary Samowitz, Joel Lazar, Danna Fain and Keri Gaddin for running a brilliant workshop.

Looking forward to next year!

JAA runs a 6 week social justice education course for Beni Mitzvah aged kids called Stand Up. Over 100 students have done the course and we look forward to launching Stand Up in Sydney in 2013.