Meet Gaby


Volunteer role: Homework club tutor

I was a student at Leibler Yavneh College and a member of Bnei Akiva (youth movement), but since graduating I have developed an interest in broader social issues. And at the moment I am considering a future career in criminal or indigenous law, or a career that combines legal and social work.

My initial involvement with JAA was through the Homework Club with Sudanese kids, something I’ve always wanted to do. My relationship with JAA has since solidified after I went on Derech Eretz, and the Homework Club has now become a regular commitment for me – one of the highlights of my week.

What I enjoy most about volunteering with JAA are the relationships I’ve formed with the kids. Working with kids is a personal passion, and I really enjoy the time I spend with them, whether in a formal capacity through tutoring programs, or casually, at an outing or function.

In addition to that, I also value the exposure to other cultures and communities that I’ve gained through JAA. Although I am a descendant of migrants, my family has already been in Australia for a few generations, and working with the Sudanese community gives me great insight into what it might have been like for my grandparents.

But as much as I appreciate our similarities, I have also loved learning about our differences and discovering a new culture. This is what I gained, perhaps in a stronger sense, from Derech Eretz. Exposure to Indigenous Australia in such an intimate and authentic capacity has had such an impact on me that it might even determine my future career.

It’s that mix of passion and enjoyment that I enjoy most about by involvement with JAA. The fact that I enjoy my work with the kids makes it much easier to feel passionate about the issues that affect them; whether as migrants in a new country, or as indigenous kids facing incredible disadvantage. JAA gives me a forum to combine my love of working with kids and my interest in broader social issues, so that it becomes a genuine pleasure to pursue those passions.

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