Meet Robin


Volunteer role: Administrative support


My professional background is in teaching and IT. I was a programmer/analyst for about 12 years; working for Ford, Motor Co, Olympic Tyres and a computer service bureau.

From there, I completed a three year Dip Ed in primary teaching followed by a year of special education. I spent the next 16 years teaching in special schools and special development schools, teaching children with intellectual challenges rated from mild to severe and profound. I consciously use the word ‘challenged’ instead of ‘disabled’ as the latter focuses on viewing people unable to do certain things, whereas the former focuses on potential, a much more positive view in my opinion.

I am a Kedem member and a fellow congregant mentioned JAA to me, enthusing about someone named Gary [the CEO]. I did a bit of research and discovered that JAA seemed like the kind of place with which I’d like to be associated, because of its involvement with both Jewish and non-Jewish causes. I’d  been involved with the Tikun Olam committee at Kedem for a number of years so I appreciated the ideals espoused by JAA.

“It’s a real pleasure to go in and not only work with the

regulars but meet new team members and volunteers.”

My experience at JAA has been a positive one. It is staffed by passionate idealists, all of whom are welcoming and enthusiastic. I work with the administrative team, helping with the database; mainly entering new data. My IT experience has been helpful in dealing with not only databases but coming to grips with new software. It has been a learning experience that rekindled (possibly over-kindled) my love of computing. It’s a real pleasure to go in and not only work with the regulars but meet new team members and volunteers.