Meet our new informal educator, Arielle!

JPEG Headshot JAAWelcome to the team, Arielle 🙂

What will your role at JAA involve?

I will be working with the Melbourne  education team, and facilitating social justice workshops in the Jewish community including schools, the Stand Up program and young adult programming.

What is your relevant experience & what positions have you held in the past?

For the past three years I have volunteered as a senior leader of a Jewish, Zionist youth movement Habonim Dror. During that time I have organised seminars, camps and weekly meetings facilitating informal programs designed to challenge the members to critically analyse their lives and their actions, and inspire personal reflection.

That has taken up pretty much all my time leading up to this point – I’m still young!

What inspires or excites you most about JAA’s work? 

I am greatly motivated by the JAA’s commitment to social justice through collective responsibility and the Jewish values of kindness and justice. Throughout my life I’ve valued the importance of seeing people without prejudice, and creating an environment where everyone feels equal, unique and valuable. JAA’s projects and initiatives enable these ideas of equality, community and humanity to be carried into the wider Jewish community, and the world at large. What could be more exciting than that?!

What is your favourite quote? 

I don’t particularly LOVE quotes….BUT… does ” Be Here Now” count?

What is your favourite ‘Jewish’ food?

Can’t go past kneidlach.