Music for everyone

Noa Abrahams came up with the idea to teach violin to Sudanese kids because she knew wanted to contribute to the wider community for her batmitzvah.

What began with a conversation about the violin ended with violin lessons for a Nubian family, as part of JAA’s Encounters project. At a recent Sudanese Women’s group Lisa (JAA’s Local Programs Director) was telling one of the women about Noa’s dream to teach the violin. As they chatted, Lisa had the inkling that her friend didn’t know what the word violin actually was until she showed her a picture. The woman burst into laughter – this was an instrument that her son had wanted to learn previously but hadn’t been able to!

Noa’s first lesson with her new students, aged 5-12, began with an introduction to the parts of the instrument, how to hold it and how to make music with it. Now the family can’t wait for the concert.

“I didn’t really think about it, I just thought everyone does something for their Bar/Bat mitzvahs. During my school musical rehearsals last year I taught my best friend violin in a few days, and she learnt really quickly. I thought ‘that wasn’t too hard, maybe I can do it again!’ So I just took the opportunity to teach some kids. I am doing it because every time I get upset that something is unfair, I think how lucky I am to experience so many incredible things, like learning violin, skiing, surfing, etc. I think how many kids do not have these opportunities, even in my class. It just felt right, to give kids who are not as fortunate as me a try at one of the opportunities that I get every day”.

A big thank-you to The King David School for making the instruments available for loan for these lessons.