Nuba Now Campaign

JAA Nuba Now Campaign


Omar al-Bashir’s government is waging a brutal mass-killing mission against the people of South Kordofan. As Sudan’s army fights anti-government rebels, an estimated 1 million civilians, mainly from the Nuba Mountains region, suffer from daily air strikes that threaten their lives and prevent them from growing crops. The situation is fast becoming one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises BUT the international community has barely responded.

Read the latest on the campaign here: Sudan Peace Project Report


1. Talk – Like our facebook page, host a Nuba Now presentation, and help educate your friends and family about this crisis.
2. Support – Donate to our Nuba Now appeal. All funds raised will go towards CARE Australia’s programs in the Yida refugee camp. Click here to see how the funds were spent in November 2013.
3. Learn – Click on the links below to learn more about the conflict:

4. Act by signing our Online Petition and attending our rally in city of Melbourne.


JAA together with the Darfur Australia Network and A Billion Little Stones have created the Sudan Peace Project. Watch the video below to learn more:



Mount Scopus Tzedakkah Captain, Cayleigh Abel, handed over a cheque for $1200 to the Nuba Now Campaign. JAA CEO Gary Samowitz (right), thanked Cayleigh for Scopus’s generosity at the launch event for the Nuba Now Campaign.