Tikkun Olam Preschool Project


JAA with the help of Moriah pre schools has developed an early childhood program that helps the youngest members of our community start understanding ways they can contribute to social change.

We can collectively make some small differences and build awareness amongst the preschool community, about the Jewish responsibility to help bring justice to our broken world.

The purpose of the project is for each child and their family to have a chance at doing something small to change the world. These small actions/projects can then be linked to Jewish concepts such as Tzedakah (the pursuit of justice), Chesed (raising compassionate children) and Tikun Olam (a Jewish responsibility to take care of the world around us).

The project is completed over the course of the year. Each child has a turn to take a scrapbook home and with their families design, “do” and document a small action of Tikun Olam. These actions are then discussed and artistically displayed in the classroom.

Are you interested in integrating this project in your early learning centre?’

Contact Janet to arrange a simple training session, and attain the resources you will need.


Tikun Olam Ideas