Volunteering at JAA

“Becoming involved with JAA has enriched my life in countless ways.

To classify my participation as volunteering does not exemplify the rich joy and growth I gain through my connections with the Sudanese community. The weekly women’s groups are a meaningful and consistent way of building relationships over time. All involved come to know about our cultures and traditions through shared experience.

The weekly programs are adapted according to the interests of the women. Cooking meals, practicing yoga, baking challah and swapping recipes has broadened my world view about community and connection. It is through these experiences of sharing meals that I have come to enjoy rich aromas and spices of Sudanese cuisine and reinvigorated my taste for strong coffee!

The generosity of spirit and Chessed of these women has shown me that each time we connect; the possibilities for joy and understanding are unlimited”.

– Aliza Golshani, Refugee Support volunteer