Indigenous Partnerships

JAA believes that our success as a society must include achieving strength and wellbeing for Indigenous communities. JAA actively pursues social justice for all and, in the national context, JAA sees engagement with Indigenous communities as a core part of our mission and our values. JAA is committed to recognition of the unique place of Indigenous peoples in Australia, to anti-discrimination and the pursuit of self-determination. JAA believes that building trust partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people is a foundation for increasing understanding, strengthening communities and achieving social justice.

JAA strives to be a leader in best-practice engagement with Indigenous communities and we are proud of the strong relationships we have built with several communities.

We currently have four partnerships:

1) Derech Eretz Toomelah  – Toomelah and Boggabilla are situated in northern NSW. JAA volunteers have been running school holiday programs in the communities since 2005.

2) Camp Cummera – Cummeragunja is in southern NSW. This is a new program where JAA volunteers will be running regular school holiday programs in the community.

3) Biala – Weekly homework tutoring with an Aboriginal girls hostel in North Sydney called Biala.

4) Camp Pathways – Two camps a year for Aboriginal youth in Sydney.

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