Our International Friends

These organisations are involved in Jewish Service-Learning, check them out.

American Jewish World Service: Global Justice Fellowship AJWS

Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, American Jewish World Service (AJWS) works to realise human rights and end poverty in the developing world.The AJWS Global Justice Fellowship is a selective year-long program designed to inspire, educate, train and empower key opinion leaders in the American Jewish community to become activist leaders in support of global justice.

Tevel b'TzedekTevel b’Tzedek

Tevel b’Tzedek  (Earth – In Justice) is an Israel based non-profit organization promoting social and environmental justice. Our mission is to create a community of Israeli and Diaspora Jews engaging in the urgent issues of global poverty, marginalization and environmental devastation from a place of deep commitment to the Jewish people and its ethical and spiritual traditions.Tevel b’Tzedek’s volunteers work in a variety of fields including education, health and agriculture or income generation, in three locations in Nepal: Kathmandu, in Mahadavbesi and Sundrawati.

TzedekTzedek: Go Global

Tzedek is the UK Jewish community’s international development charity. Tzedek works with partners, projects and communities abroad, regardless of their race or religion, providing direct support to help local people so they can help themselves. We seek to raise awareness, educate and encourage Jews to recognise, understand and act on their Jewish responsibilities concerning extreme poverty around the world.

Ve'ahavtaVe’Ahavta: Bri’ut 

Ve’ahavta is Canada’s central address for Tikkun Olam. Bri’ut is a community-based ecological health promotion program designed to support local, community led health promotion programs and to support general healthy behaviour change at the local level. Bri’ut supports the development of long term and sustainable preventative health programming in Amerindian communities by working with local stakeholders to motivate, educate and empower individuals in targeted regions to make informed and healthful choices.

Agahozo-Shalom Youth VillageAgahozo Shalom Youth Village

Agahozo Shalom Youth Village aims to enable orphaned and vulnerable youth to realize their maximum potential by providing them with a safe and secure living environment, health care, education and necessary life skills. Education and service are used to model and create socially responsible citizens in Rwanda and around the world.

Project TENProject Ten

The Jewish Agency’s new Project TEN (“ten” is the Hebrew word for “give”) brings together Jewish young adults from Israel and around the world to spend three months working and learning together in vulnerable communities throughout the globe. While performing meaningful service projects that promote sustainable development, the volunteers participate in a unique, immersive service-learning framework that highlights Jewish values.