Volunteer Nepal

Volunteer Nepal is an immersive Jewish service-learning experience with a dual focus on education and international engagement. Volunteers live with Nepali families for one month whilst volunteering in a remote community in the Nepalese mountains. Volunteer placements in Nepal focus on integrated community development. We believe in the value of community; alone we have little strength or power. Through community development we can create conditions for social and economic transformation.

Volunteer Nepal’s educational component has been designed to enhance volunteers’ experience in Nepal, in order that they leave with a deeper understanding of the challenges of international development work and the difficulty of living in extreme poverty. Participants also come away with a solid understanding of the values of social justice within the Jewish tradition.

Volunteer Nepal provides volunteers with the unique opportunity to live with local families. By living with Nepalese families volunteers have a more authentic experience and are able to immerse themselves in traditional Nepalese culture. It also helps create an equal partnership with the community, rather than living behind high walls in more privileged housing arrangements.

Volunteer Nepal provides Jewish young adults an important means by which to express and connect with their Jewish identity, through a shared experience with other young Jewish adults and an engagement with Judaism’s deep-set values of Equity, Justice and Kindness

Volunteer Nepal takes place from December to January and is run in conjunction with Tevel B’Tzedek and AUJS. Tevel B’Tzedek is an Israeli NGO that has been based in Nepal since 2006 and works very closely with a local Nepali NGO using a sustainable, responsible and mindful approach to international development.

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The 2013/14 Volunteer Nepal dates are: 19 December 2013 – 22 January 2014

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Applications for 2013-2014 Volunteer Nepal are now closed.

Volunteer Nepal 2013 Flier


“It’s very easy to ignore a statistic, but to ignore a personal story of someone that you actually see is something else.”
Adam Cass
“There are simple things you need to be happy which I believe to be education, food, health, shelter and love. That’s something I’m really going to take away. All the rest is unnecessary. “
Devorah Heymann 
“I want to create a community like this back home – even the slightest thing, everyone will rush to your aid. They never run out of love.”
Kelly Goldberg
“It was really special for me to realize that I have something to offer…..it was an amazing experience. I always thought I wanted to work in the third world and now I can see a way that I can actually do it and be really useful and helpful to people.”
Romi Goldschlager

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