Empowerment Fund

We offer subsidies to Sudanese community members to pursue further skills training that will improve opportunities for employment. Following on from this, we seek out scholarships and work experience placements to support this training process.

During 2012 we:

  • Provided one subsidy to complete an Aged Care course. This was followed by JAA setting up work experience at Jewish Care and Francois is now permanently employed at Jewish Care as a Personal care Attendant (PCA) (see story)
  • Provided one subsidy for a family to register with Maths Online to assist all the children with their schoolwork
  • Had two full scholarships generously donated by the Cosmetician Studio for hairdressing and beauty therapy

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

 Success Story: Francois Adam

Francois Adam arrived in Australia in 2011 after fleeing from the genocide occurring in Darfur. In Sudan, Francois was a qualified nurse and had also completed several years of a medicine degree in France. Francois was keen to continue his work as a nurse in Australia. However, gaining employment in one’s field can often be difficult for refugees. There are a variety of reasons for this, often relating to language barriers, a lack of connections and negative perceptions of refugees amongst the general public. At JAA, we seek to break down these barriers. Through our ‘Empowerment Fund’ we subsidized Francois’ enrolment fees in an Aged Care Course. We also contacted Jewish Care Victoria, who provided Francois with a placement so that he could complete 110 hours of work experience. Following his work placement, Jewish Care Victoria offered Francois employment as a Personal Care Assistant. Francois’ story is one of many successes for JAA and we are very proud to have been involved in assisting Francois to find a job.

More information?

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