Women’s Group

In Victoria, we run two days per week for women from the Darfuri and Nubian community.  These programs aim to provide opportunities for women to gain new skills, build confidence, socialise and practice English.

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If you are interested in being involved in either days of the Women’s Group, please contact lisa@jewishaid.org.au





The women’s sewing group provides weekly sewing training and English support for Darfuri and Nubian women living in the Dandenong area.

Where: VIC, Dandenong, Trinity Uniting Church

When: Thursday 12.30 – 3pm, during the school term.


The women’s English Group provides weekly homework assistance and English support for women from Darfur and Nuba Mountains who live in the Dandenong area. This program aims to provide opportunities for women to practice English, whilst gaining knowledge and confidence in everyday experiences. Guest speakers are invited to share their expertise and specific vocabulary related to their area on a regular monthly basis.

When: Monday 10am – 12noon, during the school term.

Childcare is provided at both programs.

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“I need to make things so I don’t have to go to shopping…It’s very important to learn & if you don’t learn you cant do anything”
Zahra Daldoum
“It is good after we learnIt’s good for me. It makes me do something new for meIt makes me happy that I can do something new. I want something I can make it at home I don’t have to buy expensive clothes” 
Entisar Douri
For me it is very important, I have had many years I want to learn to sewFor many years I’ve wanted to be a designer.” 
Halima Doto
 “It was amazing to see the women sit and gossip and laugh at, and with each other like I would with my girlfriends. I felt like I was with my own girlfriends doing something fun and exciting.Their enthusiasm to learn and encourage each other is infectious. I can’t wait for my next session with the women.” 
Galit Krongold